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We are proud to announce our webstie is up and running. This website will be our online source for real life Japanese garden oriented products like Japanese bridges, Japanese patios, prefabricated Japanese buildings and Japanese decorations for the Japanese Garden.


Wednesday, 23 April 2014

The Old Town and the Canal

Yesterday I started with the layout for the Old Town. The Old Town will feature a canal with bridges connecting upper and lower town. The town will have several merchants buildings, a school, the sake house and off cause the famous Kabuki theater. Remember, the works have just begun and the buildings that are placed right now are mockups and will be replaced with the original buildings later.

It has taken me a while to decide what the town plan would need to be and I can tell you, it is difficult! Anyway, I just forgot about a plan and started to build and I think this layout may work out just fine. Once the Town is complete I will start with the fun part, adding props and detail. The sake house will open her doors in short time and all are welcome;-)



Thursday, 17 April 2014

The very first Hypergrid Sales

Hello my friends, I have some great news to share with you today that will change the future as we know it. You already know that Hosoi Ichiba moved to Kitely because of the great value for money they have to offer. Besides very affordable pricing, 16 full regions with 100.000 prims for only USD 100,- a month, great support and dedicated staff Kitely also offers perfect merchants tools like the Marketplace.

This Kitely marketplace is what this post is all about. Kitely Marketplace offers hypergrid sales. For anyone that don't know what that means I will try to give a brief explanation. Hypergrid sales is selling your products from the Kitely Marketplace directly to any other OS based world out there. It doesn't matter if that world is a closed grid or an open grid. In the Kitely Marketplace pick the item you like, add it to your cart, choose the Avatar name and the grid you want the product to be delivered to and check out. Thats all there is;-)

Well, yesterday was a milestone for Hosoi Ichiba because we delivered our very first range of Edo Town products to another world. Our first Hypergrid customer was Suz Blessed from Zandramas, a closed commercial grid that has enabled Kitely Marketplace delivery. This means that the Zandramas is one of the first closed commercial grids to allow hypergrid delivery. Thank you so much Suz!

More info here:

Kitely about hypergrid:

Hypergrid guide:

Now all we are waiting for is the next big step; Hypergrid travelling, that will allow people from all other OS based grids to travel in and out all hypergrid enabled worlds. Can't wait to see that happen.

In the meantime I will be finishing my regions. 89.678 prims to go;-)

Happy Easter my friends,


Friday, 4 April 2014

Building the country side

After a long time of inactivity I finally have picked up the work on my Japanese country side again. I am working on the roads and the country side. I determined the coordinates where the old Zen temple will be located and also mad e decision where to build the harbor. All together a shipload of work. Here are a few pictures to give you an impression.

Please enjoy


Thursday, 5 December 2013

Kitely Matsumoto Castle Grounds Preview

Hey all, I am working on a virtual environment based on Edo Period Japan. I used to run a Japanese themed world in Second Life but the costs were just to high to keep the servers up running. I used to pay around $1200 a month to Second life for 4 regions. I decided to move to Kitely, a new player in the virtual world field where I only pay $100 and, for 16 regions! The people behind Kitely are great btw;-)

Anyhow, this is a preview of the my build inspired by the Mastumoto complex on Hosoi Mura Edo Honshu Japan in Kitely currently under development. Please note that a lot of work still needs to be done like for instance the adding of shadows, grass and plants. Also this is just a few square meters of what will be 16 regions in total! The final world will feature an old town, lots of scenery, Harusaki onsen, a harbour, well all you could wish. This video shows a glimps of what the end result could one day look like;-)

During development the world is open for visitors.

Please enjoy

Saturday, 16 November 2013

The works have begun...

My dear friends, I would like to share some great news with you.

Firstly I want to give you a nice Marketplace update. I have added a complete range of scenery design products consisting of bamboos, plants, shrubs, lotus and lily pads, ground covers, you name it. All these products are available on the Kitely Marketplace as from today with export permissions and will appear on Second Life Marketplace later this week. In total we are talking about 136 Japanese themed products including variations!  I am sure there will be a great demand for scenery and landscaping products especially in Open Sim based grids. Come and get them all!

Next, I am very proud to announce the very first work has been done to recreate the once famous Edo Japanese Hosoi regions. I have been very busy with the rough layout of the new 16 region plot. Yes, you are reading this right;-) 16 regions! The total land mass will be roughly 4 islands that will be connected by bridges and ferries. One of those connecting bridges is already in place and at the moment I am working on the new Sakura Island. Below you see a few screenshots to give you an impression what to expect. All of this would not be possible without the great work of Kitely and its staff. Thank you, Ilan, Oren, for that!

Remember, we will be in need of a community to be able to start our role play game at the new location. If you are interested to join, please contact Amiryu Hosoi in Kitely or in Second Life for instructions. I would be very happy if some of the "old Hosoi community" could contact me to talk about bringing over the old groups to Kitely. Unfortunately I am not a member of the specific groups anymore thus for me it will be difficult. If anyone feels he or she could help, I would greatly appreciate this.

The pictures below are just rough sketches and the scenery will be updated and refined while the work undergoes updates and tweaks;-)


Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Another Kitely / Secondlife Marketplace update!

It has been a dynamic week and again I can tell you I have managed to prepare a big marketplace update. The Edo Town range is already listed and now accompanied with the Edo Props range.

This product range is a series of 68 different beautyful items to spice up your scenery and creations. The range consists of simple drying laundry, Japanese bath tubs to street liter and hand carts. The complete range will also be available as a fatpack later.

Here is what we have in store for you right now:

Have fun,


Monday, 21 October 2013

Huge Kitely / Secondlife Marketplace update!

Hello my friends. Last night I finished yet another big update for the marketplaces both on Second Life and Kitely. I have reviewed, updated, retextured, resized the complete Hosoi Mura prefab collection. Also because our beloved "Hosoi Mura" no longer exists I have renamed the collection to "Edo Town".

The "Edo Town" collection is a range of 23 buildings and building elements all designed to fit the same theme. I have also added new buildings and structures. For instance, we now have a lovely offshore deserted island temple for you.

Some of the structures are completely reworked to lower primcount and brighten up the textures and shadows. All, in all, a wonderfull update for everyone that wants to start building a Traditional Edo Period Japanese town and environment. Please see the complete list of structures here:

Edo Town Ancient Zen Temple
Edo Town Sake House
Edo Town Deserted Offshore Island
Edo Town Okiya
Edo Town 4 Gate Bridge
Edo Town House Big - 3 variations
Edo Town ToriI Gate
Edo Town Rice Field Cabin
Edo Town Pavilion - Dojo
Edo Town House Small - 3 variations
Edo Town Lodging House
Edo Town Water Wheel
Edo Town Tea House Big
Edo Town Tea House Small
Edo Town Island House - 3 variations
Edo Town Temple Bell
Edo Town Keisatsusho

The complete collection is available as from today on both Kitely Marketplace and Second Life Marketplace. Just click the links below to view the collection. The special keyword to use in search for this product range is "hosoiedotown".

Note, All Hosoi products will be available for "Hypergrid Export" on Kitely Marketplace!

Kitely Marketplace

Secondlife Marketplace
(please review your settings because Second Life thinks the descriptions are moderate)

Have fun,