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Thursday, 11 October 2007

New Japanese Style Building Elements

We have had many requests whether the buildings in the new Ichiba are available for sale, so today we are proud to announce the launching of our new range of Japanese styled building elements. All have been textured with detail in mind. If you like to see all elements put together in a beautiful context, please visit our 'Hosoi Ichiba' (see the SLURL in the links list). If you plan to build your own palace or market place or sim this is the product for you.

Currently we have the following additional elements for sale:
  • Japanese Market with Stairs
  • Japanese Samurai House - Big
  • Japanese Samurai House - Small
  • Japanese Watch Tower
  • Japanese Gate with Doors
  • Japanese Wall Element High - 10 x 7 m
  • Japanese Wall Element Low - 10 x 4 m
  • Japanese Bridge (four different styles)
  • Japanese Temple
  • Japanese Arches
  • Japanese Stone Lanterns
  • Japanese Stone Benches
  • Japanese Tsukubai (wash basin)
SLX: Search for "Hosoi_Ichiba", (include the quotes) to list all other elements.

Inworld: Search for "HOSOI ICHIBA" in classifieds or contact Amiryu Hosoi or Kalderi Tomsen for more information.

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