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Friday, 30 November 2007

Exciting new products!

We have been hard at work redecorating the Kashiwa Pavilion with lots of new high quality items to give your asian-themed SL-home some new fresh new accents.

We have a gorgeous range of sixteen different 掛け物 or Kakemono, also known as kakejiku ('hanging scrolls') which look wonderful as a wall-decoration. We have four "themes", Samura, Koi Fish, Calligraphy, and Tiger. The picture here shows some of the "Koi Fish" - the colours are chosen to blend with most asian-themed dwellings, and the detail on the art itself is plain to see (please expand the picture to see it in full detail). These were traditionally intended to be displayed vertically as internal decoration for a room (as opposed to makimono, which are for the floor). If you wish to set up a room for a tea ceremony, then choosing the correct kakemono design to complement the mood of the ceremony is essential. The earliest forms were the calligraphy, and later the paintings and other designs were added.

We also have selected some decorative asian parasols (傘 (sǎn)) in different stunning prints, seven smaller and two larger styles should help you keep your heads cool! It is said that the collapsing umbrella was invented in China around 1,700 years ago. Again, please expand the image to see the level of detail which has been built in to this design.

Speaking of temperature, what about some colorful asian fans? We currently have four styles to choose from. Fans have their roots in ancient history, both as a status symbol and ornament, often used as a ceremonial device. These are in the style of the Akomeogi (or Japanese folding fan; 衵扇; Hiôgi), which originate from the 6th century and were used by the aristocrats when formally dressed. They were also used during the Ming Dynasty in China.

Also, check out three new Kaidan-dansu (or Staircase Tansu), a new medicine chest and four beautiful table screens (seen to the right).

The sales team look forward to meeting and greeting you in the Ichiba.

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