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Sunday, 16 December 2007

New Product - Add a cosy fireplace to your home

Well, it's that time of years where all of us in the northern hemisphere think about staying warm and cosy, and we at the Hosoi Ichiba are no exception. Amiryu has come up with a special treat for us - a traditional Japanese fireplace that would fit perfectly into a traditional asian home.

The Irori (いろり, 囲炉裏, 居炉裏) is a sunken hearth, used for keeping the home warm and cooking on the pot hook, or jizaikagi (自在鉤) and a lever, often shaped like a fish, allowing the pot to be lower or raised over the fire. It's not known when this type of fireplace was invented, but it was in common use in the Muromachi period (approximately 1336 to 1573). In later houses these were replaced by the Kotatsu - the big warming tables, but this is old-school!

In the real world, these devices were a huge fire hazard and blackened the walls, but these aren't concerns we have to have in Second Life, thankfully. As well as its use in residential dwellings, these fireplaces were also commonly seen in service houses, and tea rooms.

Use this as a focal point for your room - a communal seating area - place some kneeling cushions around this beautiful adornment for your traditional asian-styled room.

Our version uses high-resolution textures, typical of all Hosoi builds, and has a realistic-looking fire with sound.

To place this in an authentic way, suspend the chain from a beam in the ceiling of your house.

Please come and visit the Hosoi Ichiba (link is shown under the links section on this blog), and see this and all the other authentically-styled products that we have on offer. The sales staff look forward to meeting and greeting you.

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