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Monday, 4 February 2008

New Item - Sampans

Inspired by our desire to create an interesting location outside the walls of the Ichiba, we present to you our latest offering - Sampans!

Sampans (Chinese: 舢舨) are traditional chinese multi-purpose flat-bottomed boats used for fishing, piloting, ferry boats, fruit boats or egg boats - some are even used as a permanent residence! Ours have the typical covered area on the back, to shelter from the sun while out on the ocean.

The word "sampan" means, quite literally "three planks" - describing the very simple form that these boats took. They are still in use in many asian countries today, although more often now outfitted with motors rather than the traditional oars.

Being as flat-bottomed as they are, they are perfect in shallow waters, as we have in the Ichiba by the coast. Easy to bring to shore and to take out when the whim (or the appetite!) demands. Beware, though, they will not do well in open ocean or in a bad storm.

We offer five designs in our initial offering, each with a different colour scheme and with different calligraphy. Our designs are called
  • Akane-Maru - Sunset Sky
  • Yuugiri - Mist in Evening
  • Namine - Sound of Wave
  • Harusame - Spring Rain falling Gently
  • Hikawa - Ice River
And for those who can't decide, you can get savings by buying them all at once in our 5-pack.

We feel that if you have water on your parcel and want some attractive, authentic eye-candy when you look out over the water, these will fit perfectly. As usual, our designers have taken time to get as many details right as possible to create an authentic traditional asian SL experience, this includes the small baskets to store the fish.

Please visit us at the Hosoi Ichiba and take a look around, or talk to our sales associates. We always welcome feedback and comments on our products, so don't be shy. If you would like to get notification on new blog posts, you can subscribe to the RSS feed here, or join our in-world group called "Hosoi Ichiba" where we make new product announcements.

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