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Thursday, 27 March 2008

Announcing: The Hosoi Ichiba Machinima Awards 2008

Hosoi Ichiba announces the first of a series of competitions intended to encourage artistic endeavours in Second Life. Various people have given us feedback on how beautiful they find the island where the Ichiba is located, Virgin Island, with its romantic spots, and beautiful views, so now we'd like to see what the artists in-world can really do with our place.

We are looking for the artist that can compose the best Machinima impression of our Hosoi Ichiba and surroundings on Virgin Island. The production should have a story line, use the current Windlight client (cos we think it looks coolest), and be a minimum duration of 100 seconds of high quality video (no maximum). It should be published on YouTube and contain the words "Hosoi Ichiba" in the title.

Extra marks will be given by the judges for background sound and or music and the use of authentic japanese avatars fitting with the environment.

What are the rules?
  1. Contributions should be published on YouTube between 15 April 2008 and 15 June 2008.
  2. A jury will evaluate the submissions and decide which ones best capture the spirit of the place.
  3. The jury reserves the right to disqualify any entry that it feels does not enter into the spirit of this competition.
  4. The Jury's decision is final.
  5. Announcement of the award recipient will be made on this blog.

Prizes and Acknowledgments

The winning video will be published here, with credits to the artist, who will be presented with the L$50,000 prize.

When you have a video completed, please IM Amiryu Hosoi with the URL to your production (posted on YouTube).

Update: 31-Mar-2008
To answer some questions that we have had, this is not intended to be a paid commercial for our products. We want you to use our environment in as creative a way possible - we are not asking you to feature our products. Tell a story, using our island as a backdrop.

Update: 1-Apr-2008
More excellent questions coming in. Yes, scripts are enabled all over the island, so you won't have any trouble there. If you need to rez objects for your project, we currently have autoreturn set to a few minutes, so you may need more. Please contact Amiryu Hosoi or Kalderi Tomsen in-world and we can add you to a group that allows you to build. All that we ask is that you clean up after yourselves when you leave the island, or log off or your stuff will get returned to you.

Update: 2-Apr-2008
Just in case you don't take a look at the comments, the piece can use whatever aspect ratio you choose, and adding your "watermark" or "bug" in an unobtrusive way is perfectly acceptable.

Also, we have several empty houses on the island. If you would like us to place some of our furniture items as "props" in the houses for your filming, please let Amiryu know, as she is the only person with the builds to do this.

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