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Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Have you walked The Path yet?

One of the recent visitors to the Ichiba has inspired me to write this post. He had just discovered the island and was bringing his friends in to walk what he called "The Path" - he felt it was a really nice example of what Second Life builds could be and we felt very pleased that he enjoyed it.

If you want to walk The Path yourself, take the South-West gate out of the Ichiba walls. You will walk down the hill to the fishing village, Hosoi Yu Ch'un. There you will see fish hanging out to dry in the sun, and imagine the fishermen mending their nets. Continue down to the water's edge, where the Sampans rest after a hard day out on the water, and look out to see the red Tori, marking the entrance to the safe harbour of our island.

Continue then to the right, up the hill, and cross over the bridge to the small central island. Enjoy the plants and the nature there, as well as the views over the rest of the island. Rest a while in one of the meditation areas and try to soak up the relaxing atmosphere. Find the secret path down to the meditation area, with its view out over the ocean and the view of the Tori.

Cross the bridge again onto the large western island, with the Samurai house on your left, and continue along the path past the temple on your right. Don't cross the last bridge yet, but continue on to the point of land at the far north end of the island and the farming village, "Hosoi Lung Ch'un". There you can sit under the trees by the fire while imagining the artisans working in the houses around you - making food and other items for the people, and tending their silk worms.

Finally, when you feel ready, make your way back along the path and go over the bridge back to the entrance of the Ichiba. Pause a while on the bridge, and enjoy the view one last time.

We have have deliberately not added any pictures to this article, because we feel it is important for you to experience it for yourself and make your own pictures. We would very much like to hear from you, though - if your walk on The Path was enjoyable, please share it with us, either by commenting on this blog article, or email the author at - if you would like to attach pictures, then they will be posted on the blog.

We hope you enjoy what we have to offer you and can take some time on Virgin Island to relax.

(and thanks to Mojo Manamiko for bringing this idea into such sharp focus!)

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