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Saturday, 15 March 2008

New Product - Farmhouse

A lot of the products that we have focus on the more affluent parts of the traditional asian culture - Samurai houses, temples, etc. With the goal of providing some authenticity, we realised that we could have items that reflect the other parts of the community. Our focus recently, therefore, has been on some of the other houses and items that made up part of the life. Our sampans were the first example of this.

To that end this blog post we would like to showcase our new farmhouses. We have two models to choose from, with different layouts. They are based on houses found at the farmhouse museum at the 服部緑地公園 Hattori Ryokuchi Kōen in Osaka. One is more of an "L"-shape, the other is a regular rectangle.

Typically these houses were used by farmers of all types - whether their products were silk or more familiar things to western ears. We have set ours up as part of the Fishing village which was mentioned in our blog post on The Path.

Each of the farmhouses come with an Irori, which we blogged about a few months ago. This is a small gift, sort of a house-warming.

Each has a small upstairs sleeping area, which is reached by way of a ladder. The thatched roofs and seasoned wood of the building and small deck outside make the place feel very "lived-in".

We suggest you group several of these together in a village, and invite you to take a look at our example. Both of these houses are Copyable, Modifiable and "Not Transfer", so that if you buy both models you can lay out and customise your village as you wish.

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