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Friday, 6 June 2008

Pagodas and Temples

We've had these around for a while, now, as anybody that has visited the Ichiba or the surrounding gardens recently have seen, but I haven't had a chance to blog about it, with everything else going on, so here it is. Right now we are in the middle of a rebuild on our sim - we have received delivery of two of the new low-prim sims and are re-imagining our second island, which up to now was our non-asian showfloor. Look for some exciting things and a wonderful event in the new few weeks!

Several people have been very interested in the religious aspects of eastern-asian culture, and we had comments that while we had buildings for the Samurai classes, and the worker/artisan classes, we didn't really have anything representing the higher, more glamourous part of society.

So, enter the mighty pagoda and its smaller cousins. No, we haven't built an imperial palace (yet! Don't give Amiryu any ideas!), but these will definitely add a touch of glitz and glamour (in a spiritual way, of course!) to your east-asian themed sim. Pagoda is the generic name for a tiered tower with multiple eaves common in many parts of Asia. Ours are a decidedly japanese design. They usually had a religious function, Buddhist or Shinto and were originally designed to house artifacts or religious writings. The tall spike on the top is of religious significance, but was also traditionally used as a lightning rod.

The largest of the buildings is the tall pagoda. Available in the bright red, or more subdued wood tones (as if this building could ever be considered 'subdued'!) It appears to have four floors, but is, in fact, hollow inside, with only the ground floor usable. It takes 588 prims to rez one of these monsters.

We also have a one floor shrine versions, if you want to look a little more modest, or don't have the prims to support the larger one. This comes in two version - closed (with walls) and open-air. The closed one has 211 prims, and the open one 183. You can view one of the open ones outside the Ichiba walls - just go over the Hoi An bridge, turn left on the path and it will be on your left-hand side, with great views back over the Ichiba and the bridge.

We recommend placing your shrines in some place that encourages the quiet contemplation of the meaning of life, your avatar's place in it and how we can all have a simple and harmonious life with nature and people.

Inside each of our shrines you will find an altar that is very life-like, complete with gold icon, which you can use or remove to add your own icons and artifacts, depending on the religious slant that you would like in your area. Add a few of the prayer cushions and you have your own place for religious devotions in Second Life!

For more information about Shinto, we recommend the Wikipedia page as a starting point.

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