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Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Event Announcement: Geisha Show

The Yoshiwara Oikya Geisha School is going to present a very charming event this coming Thursday at 3pm SLT in our brand new theatre.

The Okiya (置屋) is a training school for women wishing to learn about, and practice, the art of being a geisha. Students are not only schooled in the geisha arts necessary to perform the role professionally in SL, but will also be taught about the history of geisha and important aspects of Japanese Culture.

Students pass through three ranks: Minarai, Maiko and finally Geisha, based on performance of their duties, and their dedication to the Okiya and her sisters.

Please join us at the theater for an exciting journey into the Land of the Rising Sun (SLURL is in the "Links of interest section"). We hope that this will be the first of many events giving us insight into Japanese culture as well as entertainment. If you like, wear traditional Japanese or east asian clothing to add to the mood, if you have any, but please do not feel obligated to do so.

UPDATE: Here is the Second Life's coverage of the event:

We'd like to thank the performers, Masumi Manamiko, Lezlie Latte, Celeste Upshaw, Miyofuku Honig, Sayuri Mimulus, Isis Siemens, Erin Kass, Aiko Thei and Sorasu Romano for such an enchanting presentation.

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