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Friday, 12 September 2008

Featured Product: Buddha Statues

Some of you may have seen them during your visits to the Ichiba, but now we'd like to feature them on the blog.

Namely, those wonderful Buddha statues!

Buddhism was first introduced to Japan from the Kingdom of Baekje on the Korean Peninsula, but was then more heavily influenced by the chinese to form the Japanese flavour of the religion. This included the use of sculptures.

Through history there have been many different schools of Buddhism in Japan. For details, please see the Wikipedia Article on the subject. Today there are four major schools - Amidist, Nichiren, Shingon and Zen.

We feature three different high quality buddhas in our catalogue. The first we call the "Old Gold Buddha", the second, the "Shiny Buddha" and the third the "Rusty Stone" Buddha. Each are made with our usual attention to detail and would be a perfect feature in a Buddhist-oriented sim.

Each statue is full mod, and can be resized up to 15 meters in heights. Also, as a suggestion, you could take just the head and submerge it into the ground, to appear as if a long-lost civilization was buried deep beneath your sim. If you look carefully in the Ichiba area you might just find one!

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