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Wednesday, 24 September 2008

The Hosoi Theatre Shiata

We have a wonderful new addition to the Virgin Island chain - an open-air theatre! First used for our recent Geisha performance, this theatre is now available for your production.

Japan has a long history of the theatre, of course, the arts of Noh (musical drama) and Kyogen (farce) go back to the 300s. Kabuki (drama with elaborate make-up) and Bunraki (puppet shows) came along later. Whether your plans are for one of these traditional japanese artforms, or just a place for a lecture or musical performance, we would like you to consider our setup. Media streams can be set up according to your needs, and temporary rez permissions can be granted, as necessary. For the time being, this service is free-of charge, on the understanding that the organisers will make the audience aware of the nearby Ichiba and encourage visitors to also visit it. Please give us at least a week's notice if you would like to use the facility.

So if you are looking for a traditional asian location for a production or presentation of yours, of a low-lag sim, then please get in touch with us. As you can see from the picture, the stage comes with five "noren" backdrop curtains which provide a clean, stylish backdrop if you production does not want to provide one. We have 2 QMX high resolution light systems that give 4 menu-driven follow spots that will follow the performers around. IM Kalderi Tomsen, Amiryu Hosoi, or Nani Yifu or speak to any of our sales associates in-world to get more details and to work with us to set up a date for your event.

We have set ours on our sim within our new wall elements, providing an enclosed intimate areas for performances, along with the mountain behind it as a backdrop.

Please see the older item on this blog for a video taken during the geisha show.

Of course, as everything we have, the theatre is for sale. At 160 prims, and a 10x20m footprint, it provides an interesting focal point for any asian-themed sim that would like to stage events. The items comes with Modify and Transfer permissions, so that you may customize for your preference.

A link to the SLURL for the theatre is available in the panel on the left of this page.

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