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Wednesday, 8 October 2008

A New Tourist Attraction - The Great Wall

This is the first of two linked announcements. An event connected with this will be announced shortly.

We always advise people who visit our little corner of the SL world to not just spend their time within the walls of the market, but to get outside and to "smell the Lotus", as it were. Well, those of you that have been willing to venture further afield than the existing pathways documented in our earlier article have been rewarded by our latest project, the Great Wall!

Amiryu started this project with the financial help of a RL benefactor, using over three thousand pictures pictures from the original Great Wall of China (长城 or Chángchéng) as a reference, to build a sim-wide version of one of the most impressive historical structures the Real World (tm) has to offer.

The Real world version was built between the 6th and 16th centuries, started during the Spring and Autumn Period (春秋時代 or Chūnqiū Shídài) of history to protect the northern part of China from Xiongnu attacks.

(And, in the category of "trivia you can use at parties", the statement that the wall is the only human construction that is visible from space is actually an urban myth.)

As to our interpretation of the classic construction, you can enjoy it on the China Sichuan sim. You will land in our visitor's reception are, and then walk across the bridge to one of the gates in the wall. Form there you can climb on top of the wall and walk around the full wall, enjoying the ocean views.

And some (of course) have asked whether the wall is for sale. Yes, of course, if you have a sim that has enough prims to be able to handle the whole thing. If you would like to caputre the flavour of a part of the wall, without the full thing, you can buy individual components of the wall, which are Modify, Transfer and No Copy. For more flexibility you can buy a builder's pack, containing all 30 of the building elements that you can see. These are Copy, Modify and No Transfer. A raw terrain file of China Sichuan island is also available from us by special request. Please follow this link for the item's entry in XStreet SL (the old SLExchange).

For all products in the range, search XStreet SL for the term "hosoigreatwall" and you will see more details and prices.

OK enough of the business side of things, please come and visit us on China Sichuan, and message one of the management (Amiryu Hosoi, Kalderi Tomsen, Nani Yifu) in-world if you have any questions.

We look forward to being able to greet you on your walk along the Great Wall!

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