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Sunday, 9 November 2008

Announcing a New Range of Clothing

One of the main things that people notice when visiting traditional asian sims are the wonderful bright range of clothing that is around, adding such a swath of colour to the scene.

Now we would like to add our contribution to the products available, by expanding our products to include some clothing for you, a range we are calling Hosoi Fashion

We have kimonos in many colours, both for men and women, plus getas (traditional shoes) in intricate designs.

The kimono (着物) is the national costume of Japan - literally-translated it means "thing to wear" and was used for any clothing, but is now typified by the full-length outfits that we all know. The left side is always worn over the right, except for funerals, and the obi, or tie, is usually at the back.

The thing that makes the kimonos so special are the textiles that are used to make them, and for that there are broad ranges.

There is far more detail about the traditions and part of a kimono in the excellent Wikipedia Article on the subject. Please click on the images for a higher-resolution image where you can see the details much better.

We also have a line of geta (下駄), the traditional clogs or flip-flops that go with the kimonos. We offer 10-piece set set which is scripted and comes in 5 different styles, 1 Zōri (草履), 2 Okobo, and 2 Geta. Each have scripted Hanao (鼻緒, straps) which can be clicked on to choose from up to 12 designs. The appearance of each are of high quality inlay and silks, which can be matched to whichever kimono you choose to wear.

You can also buy the individual sets Aki (Autumn), Wara (Straw), Goisagi (Herons), Koi (Fish), Chuushuu (mid-Autumn), Mayonaka (midnight), Kokkai (Black Sea), Hana (Flowers) and Inlays.

For more detail, check out our OnRez or Xtreet listings or find our Vendors within the walls of the Ichiba.

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