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Thursday, 15 January 2009

Auction Item: Samurai House

Our first item available in our new Weekly Auction is an absolute doozey. (Click on the images for a larger look.)

This is the larger of our two Samurai houses. It is a two-storey building with two downstairs "living" rooms going right and left off a central entryway, providing a front and back entrance. There are also two joining upstairs rooms (I like to think of the upstairs rooms as an "inner sanctum"-like bedroom and a dressing rooms outside). A wooden walkway (or patio) surrounds the house, and the roof overhangs some of this area, making it a great area to sit out an enjoy the view.

Traditionally, the Samurai (侍) were the military nobility in old Japan. The name, when translated, implies a servant, but these served their noble masters, and we far from common servants. They followed a code known as Bushidō (武士道), or "the Way of the Warrior", which focused on the principles of Rectitude (義, gi), Courage (勇, yuu), Benevolence (仁, jin), Respect (礼, rei), Honesty (誠, makoto or 信 shin), Honour (誉, yo), and Loyalty (忠, chuu).

This house is not a replica of any specific RL house, but is based on general research as to the styles used at the time. The materials used do not reflect any militaristic theme, so you are free to decorate it according to the tenets of your own Second Life.

It can be visited in-world at the SLURL :

Permissions are Modify, Copy, and No Transfer so you can take this and style it however you choose.

We wish you luck in your bidding on this item, which will start at noon SLT this Friday, 16th January.

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