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Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Happy New Year! An Invitation to Celebrate with Us

This post celebrates the Chinese New Year - the start of the Year of the Earth Ox!

Unlike the "western" New Year, the chinese celebration starts with the New Moon (正月), and end 15 days later at full moon with the so-called Lantern Festival - Yuánxiāojié (元宵節). The festivities are a time of thanksgiving and reunions of friends and family, and was often celebrated with a religious ceremony in honour of Heaven and Earth, the household gods and the ancestors of the family. At this time a sacrifice is made to the ancestors to reunite the living with those that have passed on. A dinner (weilu - literally "surrounding the stove") is set at the family dining table, and both tthe living and the ancestors attend to celebrate together.

To help celebrate the incoming Year of the Earth Ox (己丑), Hosoi Ichiba is very proud to host another Geisha show by our friends at the Little Yoshiwara Geisha School. Judging by past shows, this will be an eye-catching, yet educational, glimpse into Chinese culture, often featuring poetry, music and dance. It will take place on Thursday, January 29 at 3pm SLT at the specially-constructed stage within the Ichiba walls

As always, we encourage visitors to come in traditional asian costume, to further add to the feel of the place, but if you do not wish to, you will still be made welcome. One word of caution, though, please try to avoid clothes in black and white, as black is a symbol of bad luck, and white is a traditional Chinese funeral colour.

So Gōngxǐ fācái (恭喜發財) to everyone. This year is starting out generally on a difficult note, but the Ox signifies that we can prosper through hard work.

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