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Friday, 30 January 2009

This week's auction - Furniture Set and Large Pagoda

This week's auctions feature two landmark items from the Hosoi Ichiba, one large, for those of you with prims to burn, and one furniture set that will surely provide you will some luxury in your place.

The Large Pagoda is the one that can be seen at the back of the Ichiba, opposite the entrance. This imposing multi-storey building acts as perfect landmark for your sim, providing a focal point for gatherings and worship. It has permissions set to Copy, Modify and No Transfer, so you could take this and customize it to your heart's content. We wrote more about it in an earlier blog article.

The furniture set comprises all the pieces you can see in the picture (excluding the walls and carpet!) - all very finely detailed dark wood with a lush material. Permissions on these items are Transfer, Modify, No Copy, so it would make a wonderful present for someone who just got their place set up in SL.

As usual, the bidding will start at noon SLT today (Friday) and end noon SLT on Sunday. The bidding area is at the Ichiba Landing point, to the right, as you face the gate. Happy Bidding!

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