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Saturday, 7 March 2009

Announcing Hosoi Mura

We have some exciting stuff to announce. It's so big, in fact, that it will be spread over several blog posts in the coming weeks. Amiyru has been cracking her whip and her team of virtual builders have been hard at work on the Japan Kansai sim building a place that we are naming "Hosoi Mura". Mura is a word for an Edo style japanese village, and that describes this perfectly. The intent is that we will build a community of role-players who wish to live in a place that evokes that era of Japan.

The Edo Period, or Tokugawa period of japanese history ran from the 17th to the mid 19th Centuries and is regarded as the start of the early modern period of Japan. It was a period of stability in the country, inspired by the Confucian principles of social order.

During this period, the Mura was a self-governed community, led by a shōya, or village head. This was after the period where the samurai ruled the communities - local administration was taken over by the daimyo. Often these villages supported small industries, with each family taking over the responsibility of one industry.

Society was divided into four classes, or mibunsei. In order of seniority, the Samurai, Peasants, Craftsmen and Merchants. In this era of Japan, the individual had no rights - the family was the smallest legally recognised entity.

What we have in Second Life is a complete village with all the buildings and add-ons that belong. Please come and visit us and take a walk along the streets, find all the hidden corners, and soak up the atmosphere.

Future blog posts will highlight the individual buildings of the Mura, and the products that are for sale to help accessorize a build like this.

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