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Saturday, 30 May 2009

Carts and Wheels and Stuff

One of the less visible parts of the very large Hosoi Mura project has been all the little items that go to make up the character of the place. In the same way that we want to show off the larger buildings, we also want to feature some of the smaller items that you might be interested in having in your own area, to make a place feel a little more "lived-in".

Today we feature two carts, wheels and loads that can be found as part of the Hosoi Mura "Props" series.

The first item is this hand cart, available in two different colour schemes, as shown in the pictures (click on them to view them full-size). You can leave these as-is, or load them up with whatever goods you wish. See later for some of our offerings for loads for the cart.

Next comes our Farm Wagon. This one is pre-loaded with a load, but can be modified to carry whatever you like. This would usually be drawn by a horse or mule. These would typically be used to bring produce to market, also doubling nicely as a stall from which to sell the items.

Note that none of these carts are "vehicles" in the SL sense - they won't move and they don't have animations attached to them. They are intended to be used as static props.

So if you want to decorate your region to make it a tad more rustic, what better way to do it than with these wooden cartwheels? We have two sizes to choose from (with me being the "attractive product model" to give you an idea of the sizes). You can lean these against the side of a building, or sink them into the ground slightly.

And lastly we offer several types of loads that you can stack on the ground, or put onto one of our carts. The first is the one that we used on our farm cart - it has the look of bundles of twigs surrounded by netting. We also have three different configurations of wooden crates with different writing on them, and a stack of wood blocks (not pictured here), that could be used for a building site.

We hope that these items give you some new ideas and inspirations about how to make your corner of the Second Life world more realistic, a place you can proudly call your "virtual home".

Please take a tour of the Hosoi Mura project on the Japan Kansai sim, or see the products I have described in this article at the SLURL (this will put you at the landing spot, but follow the red arrow to find the location of these items).

Technical stuff: The handcarts are 21 prims each, the farm cart with load is 22 prims, the wheels 6 prims, and the various loads mentioned here are between 1 and 3 prims. All are sold Modify/No Copy/No transfer, but if you buy the complete set of all Props, those are Modify/Copy/No Transfer.

As always the Hosoi Ichiba team looks forward to seeing you in-world.

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