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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

A Gift for you, our Friends

We at Hosoi Ichiba like our customers to be happy! In order to contribute to this, we have put together a mystery box for you called the "Hosoi Soshina", which means "little gift". Every week we will place a "Golden Soshina" in a different location in our main store for you to "discover". Also every week the contents of the "Golden Soshina" will be updated with a new high quality item. In the "Red Soshina" which can be found at the entrance to our market, or on XStreetSL, you will find a landmark to our main shop. Follow the landmark, find the "Golden Soshina" and enjoy your gift.

Tip: You can give the "Red Soshina" gift box to your friends and loved ones as a present. Not only will they enjoy the full permissions gift box, but they can take part in the hunt, too.

Note: Only the "Golden Soshina" contains a gift worth at least 500 L$.

Please do not tell anyone the location you found it... it's our little secret!

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