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Saturday, 18 July 2009

Machinima: Urashima Tarō

When Amiryu and her team came up with the concept of the Hosoi Ichiba, we really hoped that it would be something more than "just another store" in the Second Life Virtual World. We wanted it to be a place that people could come, find beauty, get inspired, in short, to find whatever their hearts were seeking.

And it seems that Larkworthy Antfarm found just that. Together with Pinetree Sungsoo she has made what we feel is a truly amazing use of our place to tell the old japanese story of Urashima Tarō (浦島太郎), the fisherman who falls in love with a turtle who turns out to be Otohime (乙姫), the daughter of the Emperor of the Sea, and grandmother of the first japanese emperor... I won't spoil you for the ending, but I recommend you take a look at this great piece of Machinima.

The story comes from the Nara period (around the 8th century)

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You can see other works by Larkworthy at

Larkworthy, once again, thank you for making this beautiful piece.

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