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Saturday, 11 July 2009

Positions wanted: Teachers

Due to the Okiya changes taking place, Nakanoshima is hiring teachers! We are working on making our Okiya more "realistic" in terms of classes. We will be setting up special classrooms throughout Hosoi, so the students will have to travel as in RL. We are in need of 6 teaches for six different subject areas. The catagories are: SL Skills, Background information, Conversational, The Arts, Performance and Appearance.

- SL skills will include How to build, How to edit and basic SL workings.

- Background information will include Flower and willow world terms, Day in life of a RL Geisha, Important events and festivals in Japan, Rank and title information with in an Okiya, and Okiya and Ochaya information.

- Conversational will include Emoting, Honorifics, etiquette and conversational skills.

- The Arts will include Dance, Music, Ikebana, Calligraphy, poetry (and other writing techniques) and tea ceremony/serving.

- Performance will consist of Traditional Performance as a Geisha, Modern Performance and performance planning skills and help.

- Appearance will have Kanzashi, Make-up, hair, kimono, obi and shoes.

If you have an interest in any of these and a will to teach, please contact Kai Serapis in-world. She will be going over the information with the chosen teacher and setting them up with a classroom. PLEASE do not hesitate, we need to fill these positions quickly.

Please note that these positions are voluntary - there is no monetary compensation available.

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