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Saturday, 27 February 2010

Hosoi Cluster Island Names Update

Hello everyone, Here is a short notice about a recent name change of one of our popular islands. In the past we have adopted the island Mao from a business relation including the region's name. But, because we think the name Mao is to much political loaded and therefore may keep people from visiting this wonderful place, we decided to rename our island Mao to China Sichuan. We think the name China Sichuan fits much better in context with our other islands in the Hosoi Cluster.

Here are the island names belonging to the Hosoi Cluster:

SLurl - Japan Kanto - Hosoi Ichiba, Japanese Prefabs, Furniture & Lifestyle
SLurl - Japan Kansai - Hosoi Mura, Edo period Japanese Town, Okiya and RPG
SLurl - Japan Chubu - Home of the famous Japanese Matsumoto Castle
SLurl - China Sichuan - Land of the Great Wall of China

Come over and shoot some nice pics. We would also very much appreciate it if you uploaded your pictures to our Flickr Group. Remember to tag your photos with "Hosoi Ichiba" before adding them to our Hosoi Ichiba Flickr Group

Please update your landmarks and tell your friends;-)

Enjoy yourselves,

Hosoi Ichiba Crew


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