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Monday, 15 March 2010

Ama Diving at Hosoi Mura

My dear friends,

I have an interesting update for you. Today we finished the rough draft for our new community. It is located at the natural harbour near Sakura Island. We are building a small Ama community there. Ama is Japanese for "people of the sea". Ama are famous for pearl diving, but originally they dove for food like seaweed, shellfish, lobsters, octopus, sea urchins and oysters which sometimes have pearls (the fresh seafood can be ordered at the nearby Ramen Shop that is run by Tomadachiyo).

As you already know we try to keep our scenery as traditional as possible and because our Hosoi Mura is situated in the Japanese Edo Period we do not allow scuba diving gear and other modern equipment. Diving is done wearing only a loincloth (loincloth is the most basic form of short dress). Please help us preserve our atmosphere.
As we are building a small community we are also looking for a few people that want to actually "live" in the Ama divers community. We have 2 huts and a small beach waiting for you.

What we are looking for is people interested in the Ama history to "live" and "play" at this new location providing visitors with historical facts and stories of this wonderful Ama culture. If you are interested in becomming part of this special community, please contact Amiryu Hosoi.

More info on Ama divers at our Hosoi Mura Resource Centre

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