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Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Ama Diving Game ready for Beta Testing!

We are so happy that our Ama Diving Game is finally ready for beta testing after we have worked on it so long. This is the next phase in our communities that we would like to welcome to the Hosoi Mura.

About Ama Diving

Ama divers are Japanese divers, famous for collecting pearls. The majority of Ama are women. Japanese tradition holds that the practice may be 2,000 years old.

Traditionally Ama dived wearing only a loincloth, without scuba gear or air tanks, making them a traditional sort of free-diver. They are famous for pearl diving, but originally they dove for food like seaweed, shellfish, lobsters, octopus, abalone and oysters which, or course, sometimes have pearls.

Ama divers can keep diving well into old age; the older divers are generally able to stay submerged longer than the younger. It is supposed that the majority of Ama are women because of how their bodies differ from men. The fat on a female body is distributed differently to men, which ensures that they can stay warmer in colder water.

About our Ama Diving Game

The Challenge

The sea is full of treasures for you to discover; Harvest as many Oysters and Abalone as you can find. You must swim within five meters of an Oyster or Abalone to be able to harvest the meat or if you are really lucky, a Pearl! It is said that every now and then even a genuine "Black Pearl" can be found here. Black Pearls are the most precious and expensive Pearls that can be found in the waters around Hosoi Mura.

The Ama Diver Outfit

Our unisex outfit comes with an Underskirt, Skirt, an optional Bra and a Tool Belt. Diving is done with only the traditional clothes and tools. You are not allowed to dive with modern clothes or gear. You can wear and adjust the size of the various items in the outfit in order to get the best fit, then dive to find and harvest the Oysters. Your Ama Diving gear can be found in the huts near the harbour.

Oyster Meat

All Oysters you harvest have Oyster Meat. You should bring the harvested Oyster Meat to the Ramen Shop in the Old Town of Hosoi Mura. Ask for the cook and she will be happy to prepare you a good bowl of healthy and fresh seafood ramen.

Abalone Meat

All Abalone you harvest have Abalone Meat. It is said that in the Hosoi Mura there is a very good Fishmonger, preparing the very best Sushi in the whole area. Take your Abalone to the Town, find the Fishmonger and let the chef prepare you a wonderful plate of fresh Sushi.

White Pearls

While all Oysters contain delicious meat, only a few contain a treasure. If you are one of the lucky Ama Divers that found a Pearl. Travel to the Old Town of Hosoi Mura and find the Pearl Merchant. Pearls are very valuable an can be traded with various items or good money. Exchange your Pearls for HMK (see below).

Black Pearls

The sea bed around Hosoi Mura is well-known for the very rare Black Pearls. Maybe if you are very, very lucky you will be one of the chosen ones to find a Black Pearl. If you do, travel to the Old Town of Hosoi Mura and find the Pearl Merchant. Black Pearls are very valuable an can be traded with various items or good money. Exchange your Black Pearls for HMK.

HMK - Hosoi Mura Koban

The Hosoi Mura Koban is a Japanese oval gold coin. In Edo period feudal Japan, the Koban was equal to one Ryo. One Ryo can be imagined as worth a thousand Linden dollars, although the value of the coin, like the value of the dollar can vary considerably.

The HMK can be traded, sold or passed to friends as a present. They can be used to get a discount on all Hosoi Products. However, the discount can never be more then 30% of the actual purchase price. Please see Amiryu Hosoi to buy items using an HMK discount.

How to swim and dive

The Ama Diver Tool Belt is scripted to recognise water. Wear the Ama outfit and Tool Belt and enter the water to start diving. Use the arrow-keys to choose your direction, use the "E" key to swim up, use "C" key to swim down. Click any Oyster to harvest the contents. You must be within 5 meters of an Oyster to be able to harvest it. Good luck!

Our Beta Test

We are now ready to invite a select group of people to join the beta tester group, to get the last few bugs out of the system that we have designed. Please contact Amiryu Hosoi in-world for instructions on how to become a member.

• Beta testers get a free Ama Diver Outfit!

Ama Diving Location: Hosoi Mura on Japan Kansai
Hosoi Mura Resource Centre: Info on Ama Diving
Get your Ama Diver Outfit: XstreetSL

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