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Monday, 19 April 2010

New! Hosoi Japanese Samurai Armor

After the popularity of some of our other clothing, we are proud to announce a new line - our Samurai Armour.

There are many generations and evolutions of the samurai armour through the ages. Initially they used solid metal plating, which made the warrior so unable to move that it was found to be detrimental to the health of the owner! Not quite the goal intended. The next evolution was towards a suit made of tiny plates tied together, often with leather.

Japanese fighting methods are characterised by the nature of their movements, and this 'fish scale' armor was developed to allow for this. The problem with making an entire suit of this, though, was that it would weigh far too much, still, because the scales needed to overlap. The compromise, therefore, was to put it in the most vulnerable places, and the use leather scales on the rest of the body.

Our Samurai Armor is a very complete suit featuring lots of flexy parts and details. Shape and 2 skins are included. We used only the very best hand-painted textures that are unique within Second Life.

Get your Samurai Armor here at: XstreetSL
View additional images here at:

We look forward to seeing your sporting your new armour in the Mura soon!

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