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Sunday, 30 May 2010

Geisha Show - Wisteria Festival

On Sunday, 30 May 2010 at 3pm SLT our own Nakanoshima Geisha present a show at the Hosoi Mura Theatre.

Beautiful flowers are a central part of the Japanese culture. Wisteria takes its turn on the floral calendar as the seasons turn to May, when throughout Japan the cherry blossoms give way to the spectacularly blooming wisteria vines. The Japanese people love to see the delicate tufts of purple flowers sway in the wind under the trellis.

There are many wisteria festivals; the most famed one is at Kameido Shrine in Kyoto, a scenic place immortalized by Hiroshige in a famous artwork, a perfect example of how Wisteria are featured in traditional Japanese arts. For hundreds of years wisteria flowers have been depicted on kimonos and celebrated in poetry.

Fuji Musume (Wisteria Maiden) is a very famous kabuki dance - it portrays the spirit of the wisteria as a pretty girl worried about her affair with a cold-hearted man.

So please join us on Sunday, the 30 of May at 3pm SLT the Hosoi Okiya will be performing their wisteria celebration. Through our geisha dancing on a gorgeous stage, you will learn in an entertaining way about this very prominent flower in Japanese culture.

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