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Thursday, 22 July 2010

Summer Festival

Welcome at Japan Kanto, the market area of a magnificent asian themed sim.

Summer is rather hot in Japan & the humidity can be unbearable. People wear summer kimono (yukata). At the weekend, they flock to the beaches or to the relative cool of the mountains. 

Summer is a season of countless festivals & fireworks. 
Tanabata, the famous Star Festival, based on a romantic story, is held in many places.
Gion Matsuri running all the month of july in Kyoto is the most spectacular. On 17th  many floats parade around the city center : it is a crowded day full of drums, dancing & all the bright colors of Japanese traditions.

On sun.7/25/10 3pm the Hosoi Okiya will be performing on summer festivals. Thanks to sets, musics & performing geisha, you will take part in an amazing time of the japanese year. 

Nakanoshima Geisha show
Summer Festival
at Japan Kanto
Sun. 7/24/10  3pm SLT


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