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Friday, 27 August 2010

Matsumoto Castle Fat Pack released. Save 40K in 1 click!

This Matsumoto Castle Fat Pack is what you want if you want to rebuild the complete structure as seen on the island Japan Chubu in the Hosoi Cluster or if you want to build your own layout with the buildings. In the Fat Pack you will find ALL buildings and building elements ever produced and all are full copy/mod! All you need next is a Shogun to run your castle. Below is a list of all items included. Please enjoy!

• Matsumoto Castle - Main Tower 
• Matsumoto Castle - Open Air Arena 
• Matsumoto Castle - Right Wing 
• Matsumoto Castle - Left Wing 
• Matsumoto Castle - Main Gate 
• Matsumoto Castle - Covered Entrance 
• Matsumoto Castle - Covered Pavilion 
• Matsumoto Castle - Castle Dojo 
• Matsumoto Castle - Wall Gate 
• Matsumoto Castle - Wall Element Corner 
• Matsumoto Castle - Wall Element 
• Matsumoto Castle - Kabuki Theater

Get your Matsumoto Fat Pack today here:
Complete impression on here:


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