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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Hosoi okiya show on Kannon at Osho 9/12/10 1pm

Welcome at Osho Island, an amazing meditation place.

Never heard of Kannon, the Goddess of Mercy?

She is one of the most beloved divinities in Asia & Japan in ancient times & today.
The worship of Kannon began in Japan in the 7th cent., soon after Buddhism reached China.
Originally male, Kannon is often portrayed as female & personifies compassion & the divine mother.

Kannon, The Lord Seeing All, is present everywhere in Japan : many gigantic effigies & prominent shrines :
the most famous pilgrimage circuit devoted to Her covers 100 sites.

Countless miracle legends about Kannon has been widespread. She can appear in many avatars to save people & numerous historical figures are considered emanations of Her.

On sunday 9/12/10 1pm the Hosoi okiya will be performing. Thanks to stories told in words & pictures by dancing geisha, you will learn in an entertaining way on a fascinating figure of Japan.

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