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Friday, 3 September 2010

Winner L$ 50.000 Hosoi Ichiba Machinima Awards 2010

First of all I would like to say a word of thanks to all people that entered the Hosoi Machinima Contest 2010. Thank you also for your patience. There have been some major changes in our staff and because of that we were not able to finish the contest in time. However, finally, we found the time to review all contributions and pick the winning machinima video.

This year we recieved some wonderful pieces of art from the greatest machinima artists known to Secondife. We are very, very proud of the high quality of the machinimas and the great effort all artists have contributed. This year we found it even harder to decide what the winning machinima was going to be. The contributions were very far apart in story, settings and theme. Nevertheless we managed to reach a final verdict;-)

The winning machinima of the Hosoi Machinima Contest 2010 is:

Title: A Question of Honor by
Filmed, Edited and Directed: Iono Allen
Starring: Larkworthy Antfarm & Iono Allen

In this short story we are witness of a drama. From the very first shot you feel the growing tense that makes you shiver. The storyline is very well build and creates an ever tightening atmosphere with slow build-up to a shokking climax. The great cinematics, atmospheric settings and supporting sound trigger your senses and drags you into a melodramatic whirlpool. There is no escape. In this machinima the viewer becomes pray...

Congratulations Iono Allen


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