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Sunday, 17 April 2011

April in Kyoto geisha show Hosoi Mura 4/21 3pm

In Kyoto, Japan's heartland, natural scenery, shrines & towns intermingle with a poignant beauty.
April is a good time to visit the area.
You can picnic in countryside surrounded in clouds of pinkish white or take in a tea ceremony with stunning kimono clad beauties at famous hanami venues...
Kyoto's geiko quarters stage grand & enthralling song & dance shows. Each of them has its own:
Kitano Odori, Miyako Odori, Kamogawa Odori , Kyo Odori...
They are worldwide famous: extraordinary dances with fascinating musics & spectacular costumes mesmerize the audience.

Thursday 4/24/09, 3pm, dancers of the Nakanoshima okiya will be performing at the stunning kabuki theatre.
Thanks to texts, music, sets & group dancing geisha, you will learn more on april in Kyoto.

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