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Thursday, 7 April 2011

The Role Play Survey - Part II


In the previous post, we talked about what we learned in The Role Play Survey. You may have already noticed some

What Should Role Play Be?
In the process of learning about who the Hosoi role players are and what their ideas about role play are, we came to realize there as many points of view about what role play should be as there are players. There are very serious role players, whimsical role players, people who role play but don't realize they are role playing, and many others.

So, with this in mind, how can we possibly satisfy everyone? If SL was a game like World of Warcraft, EverQuest or almost any other, you could expect relatively clear rules and field of play. However, Second Life doesn't have built-in rules and the sims of Kansai and Chubu are historical settings. Any rules for play must be created from scratch.

In Kansai, the Nakanoshima Okiya has done a fine job of creating an authentic Edo Japan geisha house and tea house. In Chubu, the Keibatsu samurai have created a force of samurai that patrols the region, has tournaments and other activities. However, the survey reveals that even these established role play groups are still working on rules, and looking for ways to interface with other groups. In short, they are still inventing their games.

There are other groups and individuals who would like to engage in a wide range of role play activities. And of course, there are conflicting ideas and goals. Some feel there is only one way that role play can be implemented, and there are others who just don't care for rules at all. These are the issues and we thank everyone for helping us understand.

What is Next?
Currently, there is a small Role Play Council working on some basic guidelines for role play. The challenge in setting some guidelines is to find methods for each group to finds it's place in the Hosoi Ichiba complex. We recognize that everyone who loves these regions wants to enjoy them, so we want to create guidelines and some rules too, that will make sharing easier.

There are some rules that can be easily implemented. For example, many have noted that it's a bit annoying to have people flying all over the sky in during role play events. Yes, that's true. So, perhaps we will limit flying for non-group visitors, allowing group members to retain their rights to fly as part of their role play. Things like this can be done and are being considered.

A very important part of the future of Hosoi role play will be training. As noted above, many people don't know what role play is and especially don't know how to blend into Hosoi communities. Training classes are essential for the future, not just general training courses but groups should consider providing specific training to advance in a group. For example, the geisha have a well laid out program for advancement from beginner to apprentice to geisha. This is a good example to consider.

We hope this overview has given you insight into the process of how we all can share the beautiful resources that Amiryu Hosoi has made available to us for play.

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