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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

The fight against Thieves and Linden Labs

What do we get when we become successful in Second Life... Well, let me tell you. You will get fans, followers, happy customers and lots of great feedback. What you also will get is the burdon of people stealing your work and undermining your business. Unpayed and illegal copies of our work show up all over Second Life and what is worse, you can bet those copies will also show up in Open Sim environments. All the thieves have to do is create a new account and transfer the items to that "clean" account to continue their devastating scheme.

The people that steal are not only taking for free what is not theirs, they also ruin our business. Ruining our business means we will no longer be able to keep our business up and running and in the end we will need to close down all together.

This is not the first time our products got hacked. There have been countless occasions and on almost every occasion we send DMCA's to Linden Labs. Linden Labs however does nothing about it. In most cases they reply with a standard, "we could not find any proof…" It is Linden Labs duty to protect their customers from hackers but they fail tremendously.

These days I find stolen items almost every week and I decided to take action. I am working on forcing Linden Labs to take action by law. It is not in my intentions to harm Linden Labs but Linden Labs does harm me, my busines, my fellow creators and their own world!

I am looking for serious Dutch creators that got copybotted and neglected by Linden Labs to form a group. I want to take on Linden Labs for their lack of responsibility. Please contact me inworld if you are willing to support our fight for intellectual rights. 

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