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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Maturity and regulation changes for the Hosoi sims

My dear friends,
I have been struggling for some time about what our sims should be and who they should appeal to. I think I have been a little bit to much focused on protecting groups and people. I also learned people are very capable in protecting themselves and their communities. Your communities.
As from today all sims will be upgraded or some people will say downgraded to moderate. So, all people will be a little bit more free in how to act and play their game. This does not mean we will allow nudity or sexual stuff.
Another change willl be the following. I always tried to keep fighting and chasing stricktly to Japan Chubu area. Not anymore. From now on all sims can be used for roleplay, fighting and chasing. The only thing I ask is to please try to dress and act to fit in with the scenery and timezone. Further, please, when people do not like or appreciate your rpg, dont ignore them but avoid them. We are all grownup people and you don't need someone to guide you around.
The sims are yours! Please have a lot of fun!

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