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Monday, 14 November 2011

An opening of a new Okiya, A new generation

"Yume No Ukihashi,
the floating bridge of dreams.
Dream of a foreign world:
of elegance,
of beauty,
of art.
Come for the experience:
the creativity,
the tradition,
leave with the yearning for more.
We are the revolution of Second Life Geisha!
We have the passion to pursue what is really important:
our gei.
We are the artists of a new generation of the digital flower and willow world...
we are Yume No Ukihashi."

As time passes, change is inevitable even in a world based on the preservation of tradition. Above is the new slogan for Hosoi's newest Okiya and performing group, Yume No Ukihashi or the floating bridge of dreams. This Okiya is in the same location as Nakanoshima, but with a few updates for a new aesthetic. As stated in an okiya I had ran previously, we follow rules but are not set to them, we are based off of tradition yet we stretch it, and we strive for excellence while never losing sisterhood. On this new adventure, I hope to maintain this ideal. I have a belief that gei or art, is the most important aspect to becoming a successful Geisha. Therefore, while Yume No Ukihashi is here to teach others about the traditional Geisha culture and expand upon what guests may already know about Japan, as an entertainer I feel it is our job to offer a range of creative performances to fit all guest's fascinations (tastefully). This is not to say our performances are not based on or not are heavily woven with Japanese tradition, as they will be and always have been. All and all, when visiting Yume No Ukihashi, keep an open mind about art and also an open ear for all of the information we will be sure to teach you along the way. We hope you will come visit us soon, as we will always bring you on a adventure you have yet to have taken!

Ookini san dosu, Otano moshimasu!

If you would like to join our group, please just search Yume No Ukihashi Ochaya in groups or you can click our subscription board at the front entrance to the Okiya.

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