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Saturday, 7 January 2012

Celebrate New Years in Hosoi!

Japanese New Year or shōgatsu is a time of great renewal and celebration. Every year, the Japanese celebrate in many ways: by closing up shop, spending time with their loved ones and of course giving thanks to the special people who had guided them the year before. The image of the Rising sun represents the start of something new, something more spectacular then the day before. As we watched the sun rise on January 1st, we know this is yet another year for better beginnings.
Even though the day itself has past, Yume No Ukihashi invites you to celebrate the entrance of the new year with 2 large performances. So please leave out your decorative kadomatsu, the joy of the new year is not over yet!

The Rising Sun performance by Geiko Mizuko and
When Dragons Ruled the Skies performance by Sr. Maiko Toshimaru (In celebration of the coming year of the dragon).

The Rising Sun: Jan. 7th at 1pm SLT
Dragons: Jan. 8th at 1pm SLT

Rising: In the Kabuki Theater
Dragons:The Rice fields of Japan Chubu

To invite the year of the dragon and to show pride in Nippon's glorious sun.

We hope you can make it Ookini san dosu!! Otano Moshimasu!

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