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Monday, 11 June 2012

Yatsuhashi-The Eight Planked Bridge Performance

It is late Spring and to close out this season while welcoming the new, Arashiyama Okiya is proud to present Yatsuhashi- The Eight Planked Bridge Performance! This upcoming production is based off the famous scene in the Ise Monogatari (Tale of Ise), Yatsuhashi or the Eight-Planked Bridge. Often portrayed by Japanese artists, the Eight-Planked Bridge is most known from it's beautiful depiction from the renowned Tokugawa period (1603–1868) artist Ogata Korin. This brilliantly composed work of art was the source of inspiration for this production by Second Life artist and Geiko-san Misaki, Kai Serapis.

Featured in this dance will be the music by Uttara Kuru, accompanied by the lovely talents of the Arashiyama Geiko as followed:
Central Character: Jr. Maiko Hotaru-chan 蛍 (Akiko Omizu)
Iris Dancers: Geiko Toshiki-san とし 希 (Josiane Llewellyn), Geiko Misaki-san 海 咲 (Kai Serapis), Minarai Mizuki-chan 美月 (Myeongwol).
Willow/Water Dancers: Sr. Maiko Toshisono-san とし園 (Jade Sharkfin), Jr. Maiko Tamiko-chan 民子 (Rouge Lavendel) and Minarai Suki-chan.
This show follows the final day of a man who has lost his love due to the inequality of their ranks in society. With his lover being an Empress, he is forced to flee Kyoto and take refuge in the outskirts of the city. On his way out of the city however, he becomes enthralled by the beauty of the nature around him (a common Japanese theme). The picturesque irises in bloom during this Spring season remind him of his loss love and therefore, (being a poet) he feels compelled to write a waka (tanka) about her in spite of the coming danger.
We are proud to present this production on Sunday, June 24th at 1pm SLT in Hosoi’s magnificent Kabuki Theatre. We hope to see you then!