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Thursday, 30 August 2012

A possible solution and a new start...

Latest news, after a meeting tonight I decided to give the Hosoi Cluster yet another chance... I decided to cancel 2 of our regions, Japan Kanto and China Sichuan will have to close down. Japan Kansai will be moved into the former slot of China Sichuan. This way I am trying to bundle the two best scenery sims and preserve the most authentic atmosphere we have to offer. It also will save USD 424,- a month.

Only backdraw we will experience is that we loose the open Market Hosoi Ichiba. Hosoi Ichiba is also the oldest settlement in the cluster. I just hope people will be able to find us at the marketplace. Any sale will help us preserve our home, so, please spread the word. I know our community is willing to help as much as they can and I trust they will. I also hope we can finally say goodbuy to drama once and for all.

I am very sorry and I didn't want to hurt anyone with my former message but I was dissapointed and very sad when made the publication it. Good news is that I think we have found a solid olution for the time being.