My Oriental Garden goes life!

We are proud to announce our webstie is up and running. This website will be our online source for real life Japanese garden oriented products like Japanese bridges, Japanese patios, prefabricated Japanese buildings and Japanese decorations for the Japanese Garden.


Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Where the story ends...

Today after a long chat with one of the residents that went on until 06:00 I found out this morning that the Okiya on Japan Kansai was cleaned out again! There seems to be so much drama involved that I think it never can't or won't be fixed, because, when we fix it, new drama will start all over again. I don't understand why people just can't work together and why they have to be such ego's. The Hosoi Cluster residents had it all and all for free. Appearently that is not good enough for some;-(

The conversation was the last drop in the bucket. I was willing to give the Hosoi Cluster a try and see how long I could fund tier from my RL budget untill sales got, maybe, back to normal again. I just don't have the energy to listen to all the stories people are telling about eachother. The stories and the drama make me very sad. I recieved a new bill from LL this morning and it made me think why I should even bother to keep up the sims when some people just refuse to cooperate and try to work as a family. Why should I pay and risk my RL budget?

After having a coffee and a good thought I decided that the time has come to take drastic decisions. My decisions will effect everyone involved, the good and the 'bad' people. Somehow I feel I am letting you all down and that makes me even more sad but what needs to be done needs to be done.

Today at august 29 2012, 12:00 I sent a support ticket to Linden Lab to close down Japan Kansai, Japan Kanto and Japan Chubu. I will keep up China Sichuan as a home base to work on my designs for my real life based work for My Oriental Garden.

I would like to however, thank you all very much for all your work, your love, your dedication, support and friendship you have put in our little corner in Second Life and in me. Together we built a beautiful place that always has been open to every soul looking for a pleasant and friendly environment and community. I know you all will be missing our/your place. Thank you again with all of my heart, I hope you will find a new place to keep up your dreams.

It has been good while it lasted. Hugs to all.