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Sunday, 2 September 2012

The big Merge

Today I made the final changes connecting Japan Kansai and Japan Chubu. I managed to connect the main roads from Japan Chubu and Japan Kansai to eachother. Between the 2 regions I have set up a Japanese Gate and a wall section. At the base of this structure you will find some docks for sampans and boats to load and unload their freight. You will also find local fisherman and fresh seafood. The Gate seperates countryside from Town and Samurai from Geisha and townsfolk. I hope the main road will be a very busy trail for people from both sides.

Hosoi Mura. When you enter Hosoi Mura on Japan Kansai from the gate you will see some changes to the entrance of the town. I have put up a few more small townhouses, a small market and a little harbour for our sampans. The sampans you find all over our waterways are ridable.

Harusaki Onsen on Japan Chubu has also been changed a bit. The row of Torri has been replaced with a lovely path overlooking the Harusaki Onsen. The path is connected with the other pathways and takes you around the complete complex.

The Red Pagoda. In the past Hosoi Ichiba was featuring a wonderful Red Pagoda, a true landmark and eye catcher. I managed to preserve the Pagoda and rebuilt it in the north west corner of Japan Chubu. You will be able to reach the Pagoda from a wonderful path through a mighty bamboo forest or you can take the path in front of the Pagoda.

However loosing 2 of our sims is a hard for us, I am happy with the result of the connection between Japan Kansai and Japan Chubu. Somehow this setup feels more natural and logical. It is great fun walking through the Gate and see the surroundings change from busy town to lazy countryside and the other way around. I would like to invite everyone to come visit us and loose yourself in the scenery.

Hosoi Ichiba. With the loss of Japan kanto we also lost our precious open air market Hosoi Ichiba. Hosoi Ichiba still exists on the Secondlife Marketplace. We have almost all products and items up for sale their. I am working on a place to temp rez buildings and structures but almost all houses and buildings can be viewed in real in both Japan Chubu and Japan Kansai.  I want to urge everyone to visit our marketplace at: Every sale will help preserve our place in Secondlife.

Thank you all for your support.