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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

WANTED: Roleplayers!

We are very proud to say that Hosoi is beginning to grow again under our new organization, management and layout. However, the most key role we need to fill is yours! The visitors!

Japan Kansai is a wonderful Edo Period town, ready for the wonders and excitement of role play and below are the positions we need to fill to really get this working. With your help, we believe that Hosoi can become your next home. So please give this a good read if you are interested in participating in Hosoi's new role play and become part of this blossoming community!

-Villagers: The common folk of the village, free to work where they please and practice normal daily activities such as shopping, fishing, gardening, etc. Please contact any of the managers: Kai Serapis, Akiko Omizu or Eien Sachin to be invited into the group and learn about housing in Japan Kansai.

-Shop Owners: While still in progress, Japan Kansai hopes to become a village full of "shops" that allow for roleplay and accessibility to needed items for our citizens. If you are a villager who wishes to become the figurative shop owner, please contact Kai Serapis with a choice of one of these options:








-Sake House Owner: The sake house is one of the main locations in Japan Kansai and is currently looking for a new owner! The responsibilities of being this figure is to regularly open the sake house for common entertainment, as well as hire out the Geisha for community involvement. If interested, contact Kai Serapis.

-Kabuki Troupe Leader: To add to our already prominent artistic performers in Hosoi, we would like to reestablish our Kabuki Troupe. To begin, we are in need of a hard working and committed leader to recruit performers and put together large-scale performances. If you think you are the one, contact Kai Serapis.

-Zen Temple Monks: Interested in higher philosophy, understanding and peace? Maybe you should become a Buddhist monk! We have a large temple ready for this use and we would be honored to have those with such commitment come to join. Furthermore, if you are knowledgeable in the Buddhist faith and teachings, we also would like a teacher. Please contact Kai Serapis for more information.

-Samurai police: Who wants an out of control city? This is why Hosoi needs police! During the Edo period, many Samurai ended up becoming part of the policing system in villages. We have quite a few roles to fill, so here is what we need:

Machi-bugyō: The machi-bugyō performed the roles of chief of police, prosecutor, judge and other judicial related business both criminal and civil in Edo and other major towns.

Yoriki: Working under the machi-bugyō was the yoriki. Yoriki were samurai—they managed patrols and guard units composed of lower ranking police officials. Yoriki, being of a higher class, were able to ride a horse while performing their duties and were trusted to carry out assignments of high importance.

Dōshin: Working under the yoriki was the dōshin. Dōshin were samurai but of a lower class than yoriki—they preformed the duties of prison guard and patrol officer, which required close contact with commoners (chonin). They investigated crimes such as murder and helped with executions.

Komono: Non-samurai chōnin who went with the dōshin on patrols and provided assistance.

-Yakuza: Also known as gokudō are members of traditional organized crime syndicates in Japan. The yakuza are notorious for their strict codes of conduct and very organized nature. Despite uncertainty about the single origin of yakuza organizations, most modern yakuza derive from two classifications which emerged in the mid-Edo Period (1603–1868): tekiya, those who primarily peddled illicit, stolen or shoddy goods; and bakuto, those who were involved in or participated in gambling.

At Hosoi, we are currently searching for a Yakusa leader and members to work an underground organized crime roleplay in our town. The Yakuza would inhabit a few locations, including the gambling hut near the harbor and the underground-passages that travel under the Zen Temple. If interested, please contact Kai Serapis.

-Harbor folk: The harbor, which is a fairly new addition to Japan Kansai is an area full of roleplay possibilities. If you are interested in becoming one of the following positions, please contact Kai Serapis:

Harbormaster: The head of the harbor, the one who sets market prices and controls the fishing in the area.

Fishermen: Those who take the sempan out onto the water and catch the daily catch!

Ship Captain: Ever dreamed of living on the water? How about becoming a captain of your own ship? This is your chance!

-Ramen Shop Owner: Japan Kansai only has one restaurant and this is the Ramen shop. This quaint place is in desperate need of a new owner to take over the scheduling of openings and events at the shop. Along with an owner, the Ramen Shop also needs employees. If this sounds like a job you would like, contact Kai Serapis.

-Japanese Gakko (school) Teacher: Hosoi is not only a beautiful sim with a rich atmosphere; it is one with an elaborate culture. Here in Hosoi, we wish to teach about the culture we are representing, not just appeal to the senses. If you are a person with a knowledgeable background in Japanese culture and are interested in spreading that knowledge, please contact Kai Serapis for an interview!

-Geisha: Female entertainers of Traditional Japanese Arts. Along with the Geisha, the Okiya is always in need of roleplay maids, cooks, oshiroiya (make-up artist), otokoshi (kimono dresser) and wig maker. Please contact Mikumiyu Resident for more information and an application.

-Samurai: The military nobility, warriors. Please contact Eien Sachin for more information.

Have a job/idea that is not listed here? Let us know! We are open to expansion and want your feedback.