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Monday, 3 September 2012

Wanted, Samurai, Geisha and Yakuza

Hello all, My name is Amiryu Hosoi and I run 2 Edo Period Japanese roleplay sims. Some people tell me that our sims are the best in SL... but thats up to you to check out. Anyway, In the last days I have merged 2 of our best sims into one big roleplay area. The regions feature a full Matsumoto Castle complex, Harusaki Onsen, the old town of Hosoi Mura and a lot more. All of these gems are surrounded by the best scenery you can get. Check out and loose yourself in the stories of Samurai and Geisha.

Now the rebuilding is done we are looking for people that want to join our community. We are looking for peasants, samurai, geisha, fishermen, travelers, etc. Especially we have open positions for dedicated people that will be responsable for running our Sake House, Harusaki Onsen, Yakuza harbour and Hamaguri Sushi bar. If you would like to be part of our community, please visit us and contact Eien Sachin, Kai Serapis, Akiko Omizu or Amiryu Hosoi.
More information about our islands here:

See you around..