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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Misedashi for Village Okiya:

Shiraito-No-Taki Okiya is proud to announce another Misedashi! We are proud to present Myeongwol Resident as Mizuki 美月 (Beautiful Moon).

A Misedashi is a stepping stone celebration in the career of a Geisha, a time of transition from being a student to a professional working Maiko. Minarai prepare by observation through a process known as Minaraijaya. After a set amount of time watching the activities, arts and banquets of their older sempai, it is time for the minarai to dawn the new title of a Jr. Maiko.

The actual celebration lasts a total of 6 days, with 3 of them signified by the formal crested black kimono and special kanzashi she wears. On day one, the new Maiko visits the various Ochaya, Okiya and Geisha Gakko that have helped her up to this point in her career. In the second stage of her Misedashi (day 4-6) she will switch out her black crested kimono for a colored crested one, still wearing the gold obi.

At Shiraito-No-Taki, we host Misedashi a bit differently, but still with all of the important steps listed above. On day one, the Maiko will make her rounds. On day two, she will host a performance that displays her skills up to this point. On day three, she will have her San San Kudo with her Onesan and have a small party following, that is much like an Ozashiki for special patron and Okiya sisters. The following days (4-6) are a simple break for the new Maiko, in which her special dress signifies her new position to others.

For this Misedashi however, we will also be having a celebratory Asian Pop Performance featuring the Kawaii Dolls and Triii-FX Dance groups! We hope everyone can attend this as well!

We hope you can come congratulate our newest member of our Hanamachi on these days:

October 25th: Mizuki makes her rounds, please come take photos and be immersed in this special event!

October 26th at 7pm SLT: Mizuki presents her skills as an upcoming Tachikata Geisha in an outdoor performance on our home sim in Keisei.

October 27th at 5pm SLT: Mizuki and her Oneesan Misaki have their San San Kudo Ceremony followed by the Asian Pop Performance in the KWD Dome Arena!

October 28th at 4pm SLT: Mizuki presents herself at a special Ozashiki for honored guests and does a traditional performance at Otonashi Ochaya in Hosoi. This is also followed by the Okiya Halloween party!

October 29th-30th: Mizuki is an official Maiko! Please feel free to come by anytime to wish her luck and congratulations!

Omedetou San Dosu Mizuki-chan!!!!