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Thursday, 26 September 2013

Hosoi Regions rebuild in Kitely

Hosoi Ichiba once was a Japanese themed market surrounding a meditation garden located on a traditional Asian themed island called Japan Kanto in Second Life. The surrounding regions Japan Chubu, Japan, Kasai and China Sichuan are very well known and al regions were listed on the Destination Guide. The regions were packed with great scenery consisting of the old Japanese town, Hosoi Mura, the old Sakura Harbour, the famous Matsumoto Castle, the wonderful Harusaki Onsen, the Great Wall of China, all surrounded by lovely open fields and waterways.

The regions were the home for a great community of brave Samurai and lovely Geisha, Ama divers and craftsman. We were able to keep the regions open for RPG for free for all visitors and the market sales covered the costs. However, because of the economic decline we were forced to close down all regions., leaving  a great community and us in tears. At the end of 2012 we had to close down the 4 regions including the market because of the high prices LL is asking for their regions.

We think our lovely scenery and community deserves a second chance and we found our home with Kitely. We are planning to rebuild the complete scenery and more with even better features and atmosphere. But, what is great scenery without great community. We would like to ask and invite everyone to come over and join us so we can have a great time again.

Next to the planned rebuilding of the old Hosoi regions we are also moving our complete SL marketplace to Kitely, giving all Kitely users the chance to enjoy our high detailed products. Our product line consists of a great variety of Japanese and Chinese antiques, furniture, artwork, and other interior decorating elements, together with buildings and building components that can be used to create an authentic Asian or Japanese environment.

Because we need to move over about 1000+ items we would like to ask you to tell us what products you would like to see appear first in the Kitely's Marketplace. Drop us a note or an IM both in SL and KL and we will try to make the product you wish available as soon as we can. If you ever might run into any problem concerning price, quality, delivery, etc.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Impression of our scenery:

Marketplace Secondlife:

Hosoi Mura Kitely:

Kind regards,

Amiryu Hosoi