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Monday, 21 October 2013

Huge Kitely / Secondlife Marketplace update!

Hello my friends. Last night I finished yet another big update for the marketplaces both on Second Life and Kitely. I have reviewed, updated, retextured, resized the complete Hosoi Mura prefab collection. Also because our beloved "Hosoi Mura" no longer exists I have renamed the collection to "Edo Town".

The "Edo Town" collection is a range of 23 buildings and building elements all designed to fit the same theme. I have also added new buildings and structures. For instance, we now have a lovely offshore deserted island temple for you.

Some of the structures are completely reworked to lower primcount and brighten up the textures and shadows. All, in all, a wonderfull update for everyone that wants to start building a Traditional Edo Period Japanese town and environment. Please see the complete list of structures here:

Edo Town Ancient Zen Temple
Edo Town Sake House
Edo Town Deserted Offshore Island
Edo Town Okiya
Edo Town 4 Gate Bridge
Edo Town House Big - 3 variations
Edo Town ToriI Gate
Edo Town Rice Field Cabin
Edo Town Pavilion - Dojo
Edo Town House Small - 3 variations
Edo Town Lodging House
Edo Town Water Wheel
Edo Town Tea House Big
Edo Town Tea House Small
Edo Town Island House - 3 variations
Edo Town Temple Bell
Edo Town Keisatsusho

The complete collection is available as from today on both Kitely Marketplace and Second Life Marketplace. Just click the links below to view the collection. The special keyword to use in search for this product range is "hosoiedotown".

Note, All Hosoi products will be available for "Hypergrid Export" on Kitely Marketplace!

Kitely Marketplace

Secondlife Marketplace
(please review your settings because Second Life thinks the descriptions are moderate)

Have fun,