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Saturday, 12 October 2013

Kitely Marketplace Update! 193 active products!

Hello my dear friends,

Here is yet another update for the Hosoi Ichiba Marketplace. I have added a lot of new exiting high quality products. Let me try to give you an impression. Here is a list of recenty added items and products, all in the well known high quality. Including variations Hosoi Ichiba is now listing 193 acive items! All set to export to hypergrid.
Samurai Hair Chonmage
Oshidori Geisha Hair, 6 variations
Complete range talking books, 6 variations
Magic lantern + 5 slide sets!
Zori & Geta sets 10 variations
Ama diver outfit and waraji
Female Japanese kimono, 9 variations
Wonderful Japanese Andon sets, 5 variations
2 wonderful tansu beds in 7 variations
60 different tansu chests and furniture
11 high resolution Japanese doors
3 variations of Cycle rickshaw
2 variations of pulled rickshaw



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