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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Kitely Matsumoto Castle Grounds Preview

Hey all, I am working on a virtual environment based on Edo Period Japan. I used to run a Japanese themed world in Second Life but the costs were just to high to keep the servers up running. I used to pay around $1200 a month to Second life for 4 regions. I decided to move to Kitely, a new player in the virtual world field where I only pay $100 and, for 16 regions! The people behind Kitely are great btw;-)

Anyhow, this is a preview of the my build inspired by the Mastumoto complex on Hosoi Mura Edo Honshu Japan in Kitely currently under development. Please note that a lot of work still needs to be done like for instance the adding of shadows, grass and plants. Also this is just a few square meters of what will be 16 regions in total! The final world will feature an old town, lots of scenery, Harusaki onsen, a harbour, well all you could wish. This video shows a glimps of what the end result could one day look like;-)

During development the world is open for visitors.

Please enjoy

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