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Thursday, 17 April 2014

The very first Hypergrid Sales

Hello my friends, I have some great news to share with you today that will change the future as we know it. You already know that Hosoi Ichiba moved to Kitely because of the great value for money they have to offer. Besides very affordable pricing, 16 full regions with 100.000 prims for only USD 100,- a month, great support and dedicated staff Kitely also offers perfect merchants tools like the Marketplace.

This Kitely marketplace is what this post is all about. Kitely Marketplace offers hypergrid sales. For anyone that don't know what that means I will try to give a brief explanation. Hypergrid sales is selling your products from the Kitely Marketplace directly to any other OS based world out there. It doesn't matter if that world is a closed grid or an open grid. In the Kitely Marketplace pick the item you like, add it to your cart, choose the Avatar name and the grid you want the product to be delivered to and check out. Thats all there is;-)

Well, yesterday was a milestone for Hosoi Ichiba because we delivered our very first range of Edo Town products to another world. Our first Hypergrid customer was Suz Blessed from Zandramas, a closed commercial grid that has enabled Kitely Marketplace delivery. This means that the Zandramas is one of the first closed commercial grids to allow hypergrid delivery. Thank you so much Suz!

More info here:

Kitely about hypergrid:

Hypergrid guide:

Now all we are waiting for is the next big step; Hypergrid travelling, that will allow people from all other OS based grids to travel in and out all hypergrid enabled worlds. Can't wait to see that happen.

In the meantime I will be finishing my regions. 89.678 prims to go;-)

Happy Easter my friends,


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